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book notes for appendix a

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Anna Nagy

Appendix A: Writing Research Reports Writing Style Clarity: be precise and clear in presenting ideas and make sure it is intended for your audience. o Use an outline. o Have a topic sentence. o Proofread your paper and have others read your paper. Acknowledge the Work of Others: cite your sources. Active versus Passive Voice: third person active voice but use I and we if referring to oneself. Avoiding Biased Language o Be specific as possible when referring to groups of people. o Use the term participants or respondents. o Avoid using he, she, his or her. Word Processing o Double-spaced. o 1-inch margins on all sides. o Page headers, including page numbers, should be 0.5 inch from the top of the page. o Alignment is left margin, font size 12 and Times New Roman. Organization of the Report Title Page: separate page and numbered page 1. o Should have a page header with a short title. o Running Head: the first line of the title page and is an abbreviated title and should be n
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