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PSYB01 Ch 1

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Anna Nagy

PSYB01 Ch 1The story of a married couple who after years of trying to conceive adopt a child then soon after learn the woman is pregnant ppls intuitive explanation for this is bc the adoption reduces a major source of stress and thus increases chances of conception This example shows the use of intuition and anecdotal evidence to draw general conclusions about the world around us Intuition accepting unquestioningly your own personal judgment or a single story about one persons experience that tells you about the worldIts problem is that there are numerous cognitive and motivational biases that affect our perceptions and so we draw erroneous conclusions about cause and effect Illusory correlation a cognitive bias that occurs when we focus on 2 events that stand out and occur together in which were highly motivated to believe in the causal relsh Philosopher Aristotle was concerned w the connection btwn persuasion and credibility ppl are more likely to be persuaded by a speaker who seems prestigious trustworthy and respectable Similarly ppl are too open to accept statements f authorities that include the news media books govt officials or religious figures Scientific skepticism ideas must be evaluated on the basis of careful logic and results f scientific investigations Empiricism a scientific method where knowledge is based on observationsdata are collected that form the basis of conclusions about the nature of the worldElements of Goodsteins evolved Theory of Science
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