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PSYB01 Ch 5

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Anna Nagy

PSYB01 Ch 5 Measurement ConceptsReliability refers to the consistency or stability of a measure of bhvr eg a reliable measure of a psychological variable such as intelligence will yield the same result each time you administer the intelligence test to the same person If the measure does fluctuate there is error in the measurement device A more formal way of understanding reliability is to use the concepts of true score and measurement error any measure that can be thought of as comprising two components 1 true score which is the real score on the variable and 2 measurement errorAn unreliable measure of intelligence contained considerable measurement error and so does not provide an accurate indication of an individuals true intelligenceEg to illustrate the concept of reliability further imagine that you know someone whose true intelligence score is 100 Now suppose that you administer an unreliable intelligence test to this person each week for a year after the year you calc the persons average score on the test based on the 52 scores you obtained Now suppose that you test another friend who also has a true intelligence score of 100 however this time you administer a highly reliable test Again you calc the average score In each case the average score is 100 However scores on the unreliable test range f 85 to 115 whereas scores on the unreliable test range f 97 to 103 The measurement error in the unreliable test is reveal in the greater variability shown by the person who took the unreliable test Reliability is increased when a number of items increase We can assess reliability by assessing the stability of measures using co
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