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PSYB01 Ch 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Anna Nagy

PSYB01 Ch 6 Observational MethodsObservational methods can be broadly classified as primarily quantitative or qualitative Qualitative research focuses on ppl behaving in natural settings and describing their world in their own wordsCollects indepth info on a relatively few ppl or within a very limited settingResearch based on interpretations drawn by the investigator Quantitative research focuses on specific bhvrs that can be easily quantifiedLarger samplesResearch based upon statistical analysis of data Naturalistic observation field workfield observation the researcher makes observations in a particular natural setting the field over an extended period of time using a variety of techniques to collect infothe report includes these observations and the researchers interpretations of the findings Mainly qualitative This research approach has roots in anthropology and the study of animal bhvrNaturalistic observation demands that researchers immerse themselves in the situationobserve the setting patterns of personal relsh ppls reactions to events and so onthe goal is to provide complete and accurate picture Details field notes are maintained by observing ppl and events interviewing key informants and examining documents w audiovideo tape recordings and notes A good naturalistic observation report will support the analysis by using multiple confirmations Participation vs ConcealmentNonparticipant observer is an o
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