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PSYB01 Ch 7

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Anna Nagy

PSYB01 Ch 7 Asking People about ThemselvesSurvey ResearchSurvey research employs questionnaires and interviews to ask ppl to provide info about themselvestheir attitudes and beliefs demographics and other facts and past or intended future bhvrs Surveys provide us w a methodology for asking ppl to tell us about themselvestheyve become important as society demands data about issues rather than only intuition and anecdotes Survey data provide a snapshot of how ppl think and behavegiven point in time Researchers study relshs among variables and ways that attitudes and bhvrs change over timeSurvey research is also important as a complement to experimental research findings Response set a tendency to respond to all questions f a particular perspective rather than to provide answers that are directly related to the questionsthus response sets can affect the usefulness of data obtained f selfreportsthe most common response set is called social desirabilityfaking good leads individuals to answer in the most socially acceptable way Constructing Questions to AskDetermine the research objectives Questions about attitudes and beliefs focus on the ways that people evaluate and think about issues Factual question ask people to indicate things they know about themselves and their situation demographics ethnicity income marital status employment statusOther questions focus on past bhvrs or intended future bhvrs Question Wordingunfamiliar technical terms vagueimprecise terms ungrammatical sentence structure phrasing that overloads working memory and embedding the question w misleading info Keep it simpleAvoid DoubleBarreled questions that ask two thingsonce Avoid Loaded questionsa loaded question is written to lead ppl to respond in one wayquestions that include emotionally charged words such as rape waste immoral ungodly or dangerous may influence the way that ppl respond and thus lead to biased conclusions Avoid Negative wordingavoid phrasing w negatives Avoid YeaSaying and NaySayingrespondent may in fact be expressing true agreement but alternatively may simply be agreeing with anything you sayone way to detect this respond set is to word the questions so that consistent agreement is unlikelyconsistently agreeing or disagreeing w a set of related questions phrased in both standard and reversed formats is an indicator that the person is yeasaying or naysaying Responses to QuestionsClosedended questions a limited number of response alternatives are givenEasier to code and the response alternatives are the same for everyoneUseful when dimensions are well defined Openended questions respondents are free to answer in any way they like Timeconsuming to categorize and the code the responsescostly
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