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PSYB01 Ch 8

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Anna Nagy

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PSYB01 Ch 8 Experimental DesignExperimental method has the pro of allowing an unambiguous interpretation of resultsthe research manipulates the independent variable to create groups that differ in the levels of the variable and then compares the groups in terms of their scores on the dependent variableall other variables are kept constant either through direct experimental control or through randomization Confounding variable a variable that varies along w the independent variable and an uncontrolled variable are intertwined so you cant determine which of the variables is responsible for the observed effect Internal validity when the results of an experiment can confidently be attributed to the effect of the independent variableachieved by designing and conducting the experiment so that only the independent variable can be the cause of the results Basic ExperimentsPottestOnly Design must 1 obtain two equivalent groups of participants 2 introduce the independent variable and 3 measure the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable First is choose the participants and assign them to two the groupsequivalent groups eliminate any potential selection differences the ppl selected to be in the condts cannot differ in any systematic wayBext the research must choose two levels of the independent variable such as an experimental group that receives a treatment and control group that doesnt Pretestposttest design a pretest is given before the experimental manipulation is introducedthis design makes it possible to ascertain that the groups were in fact
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