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PSYB01 Ch 9

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Anna Nagy

PSYB01 Ch 9 Conducting ExperimentsTo manipulate an independent variable you have to construct an operational definition of the variableturn a conceptual variable into a set of operationsspecific instructions events and stimuli to be presented to the participants Set the stage provide the participants w the informed consent and explain your studyTypes of ManipulationsStraightforward manipulations researchers manipulate a variable w simplicity by presenting written verbal or visual material to the participants Staged manipulations stage events that occur during the experiment in order to manipulate the independent variable successfullyused to try to create some psychological state in the participants and to stimulate some situation that occurs In the real world Involve a confederate appears to be another participant in an experiment but is actually part of the manipulationuseful to create a particular social situation also used in field experiments and lab research Difficult to replicate Make a the manipulation as strong as possible to maximize the differences btwn the two groups and increases the chances that the independent variable will have a statistically significant effect on the dependent variableMeasuring the Dependent Variable Types of MeasuresSelfreport measure measures attitudes liking for someone judgments about others personality intended bhvrs emotional states attributions
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