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Chapter 1

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Anna Nagy

Chapter 1 Scientific Understanding of BehaviourUse of Research Methodsa background in research methods will help read reports critically evaluate the methods employed and decide whether the conclusions are reasonable knowledge of research methods and the ability to evaluate research reports are useful in many fields doctors business education public policy and judicial decisionsSocial Science BriefBrown vs Board of Education Supreme court banned segregation in USUse of research important in developing and assessing the effectiveness of programs designed to achieve certain goalsThe Scientific Method The Limitations of Intuition and Authority Example IntuitionCouples w issues conceiving adopt and soon after become pregnantcauses common belief that adoption increases likelihood of pregnancythis is a example of the use of intuition and anecdotal evidence to draw general conclusions about the world around uso when relying on intuition you accept unquestioningly what your own personal judgment or single story about one persons experience tells you about the worldo intuitive form take many forms finding a explanation for your behavior or that of others explaining intriguing events th
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