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Chapter 3

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Anna Nagy

Chapter 3 Ethical Research Milgrams Obedience Experiment Stanley Milgram study the phenomenon of obedience to authority figuresAd 450 to men to participate in a scientific study of memory and learningMet a scientist and MrWallace who was a accomplice and always was the learner and the participant was always the teacher Participant sees MrWallace be strapped with electrodes and placed infront of a shock machine max 450 voltsLearning word pairs each time a mistake was made shock was given 15V increasesAt 120V learner started to scream and want out if teacher wanted out then were told they could but were given verbal prods stressing to continue and important of exp65 of participants continued to deliver shock all the way up to 450V o received lots of publicity and changed beliefs on ability to resist authorityBelmont ReportThe Belmont Report Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research current ethical guidelines for medicalbeh researchers3 basic ethical principles beneficence respect for persons autonomy justice o assessment of risksbenefits informed consent selection of subjectsAssessment of Risks and Benefits Beneficence the need for research to maximize benefits and minimize possible harmful effects of participants Riskbenefit analysis calculating potential risks and benefits that are likely to result The cost of not conducting an experiment in it is the only ay to collect valuable info can also be consideredBenefits educational acquisition of new skill treatment of problem material benefits intangible benefits satisfaction Risks in Psychological Researchrisk of psychological and stress milgramjustified Longterm consequences Physical Harmo rare but possible usually medical procedures sleep deprivation o great care must be taken to make them ethically possibleo benefits must clearly outweigh the potential risks Stress o more common than physical stress is psychological stresso example selfesteem test riggedrecall traumatic events o must ensure all safeguards have been taken to help partic deal with stress usually debriefing helps address potential problems that may arise Loss of Privacy and Confidentiality o must protect participants privacy all data should be locked in secure place o confidentiality important in sensitive areas sexual behdivorce
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