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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Textbook Notes

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Anna Nagy

Chapter 1: Scientific Understanding of Behaviour USES OF RESEARCH METHODS Knowledge of research methods is important for making decisions and evaluations o E.g. social science brief study stopped segregation in schools Helps us understand studies THE SCIENTIFIC APPROACH The Limitations of Intuition and Authority Intuition is cognitively and motivationally (benefit us to believe it) biased We make illusory correlations Authority We believe authorities more easily Science doesnt trust based on faith Skepticism, science and the Empirical Approach Intuition and authority sources of ideas, but have to be skeptical Empiricism: knowledge from observation Goldsteins evolved theory of science o Observations accurately reported to others (can replicate) o Search for discovery and verification of ideas (Theories) o Open exchange and competition among ideas (Testable) o Peer review of research Falsifiability: Research can be falsified Peer Review: Research reviewed by experts to see if it should be published Science is free exchange of ideas supported by research, can be used to make new finds Integrating Intuition, Skepticism and Authority Scientists are authorities when the talk about subject o look at who is funding them, credentials, instituion pseudoscientists use scentific terms to trick us Characteristics of pseudosience o Hypotheses not testable o Poor methods and validity of data o Anecdotal evidence, fake experts o Ignore conflicting evidence www.notesolution.com
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