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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Textbook Notes

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Anna Nagy

Chapter 2: Where to Start HYPOTHESIS AND PREDICTIONS Hypothesis: idea or question, waiting for evidence to disprove it Can be stated as informal or formal research question After hypothesis, design experiment to test it out Prediction: prediction of outcome of experiment o Supports hypothesis is prediction is correct (doesnt prove) o Or reject hypothesis if disproved WHO WE STUDY: A NOTE ON TERMINOLOGY APA says humans in psych. research are participants o Also called: Subjects Respondents (surveys) Informants (learn about cultureorganization) SOURCES OF IDEAS Common Sense Helps us ask questions, use research to prove rightwrong o E.g. picture worth a thousand words, pics can also detract from learning Observation of the World Around Us We get ideas from personal and social observations o e.g. do we forget where things are when we put them in secret place (yes) research lets us discover and apply things learned from observations serendipity can be inspiration, things happen by accident Theories Theory is collective ideas about a topic or phenomenon Organize and explain facts o E.g. Darwin theory of evo. organized and explain facts we already knew Generate new knowledge by focusing think so we notice new aspects o e.g. theory of evo. generates new hypotheses about evolution Theories are more than hypotheses, they are from actual data and have hypotheses that relate to the theory o i.e. not just an idea can be modified when hypotheses are falsified www.notesolution.com
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