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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Textbook Notes

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Anna Nagy

Chapter 4: Studying Behaviour VARIABLES Variable: Event, situation, behaviour, or individual characteristic that varies o e.g. gender Within each variable there are different levels or values o E.g. male or female 4 categories of variables: o Situational variable characteristics of situation or environment E.g. length of words in book o Response responses or behaviour of ppl E.g. reaction time o Participant subject individual differences E.g. gender o Mediating variables variable btw sit. var and response i.e. determines response e.g. diffusion of responsibility - helping less likely when there are more bystanders Number of bystanders Diffusion of responsibility Helping behaviour OPERATIONAL DEFINITIONS OF VARIABLES variables can be abstract so need operational definition, concrete o Operational definition: def of var in terms of operations or techniques used to measuremanipulate E.g. measuring cognitive task performance (variable), number of errors on proof reading (operational def) abstract variables have more options for op def o e.g. stress (variable) health probs etc. (there are many stressors) frequency of heart attack (op def) picking op def is up to researcher, choices have advantages and disadvantages RELATINSHIPS BETWEEN VARIABLES Variables can be numeric or categorical Relationships between variables: Positive linear, negative linear, curvilinear, no relationship Positive Linear Relationship As x, y or both decrease together o E.g. faster speech rate correlated with more attitude change www.notesolution.com
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