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Chapter 2

PSYB01_Chapter 2

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David Nussbaum

Chapter 2-Where to Start Hypotheses and Predictions  A hypothesis is a tentative idea or question that is waiting for evidence to support it  The researcher then designs a study to test the hypothesis  A prediction concerns to the outcome of the experiment, if the prediction is confirmed by the results of the study the hypotheses is supported Who We Study: A Note on Terminology  We refer to humans who participate in research as participants  Respondents are people who take part in survey research  Informants are people who help researchers understand cultural or organizational settings Sources of Ideas Common Sense  Conducting research to test common sense ideas  Example—do opposites attract? Observation of the World Around Us  Serendipity—sometimes the most interesting discoveries are the result of accident or luck Theories  Theories have two important functions: o Organize and explain simple facts or descriptions of behaviour  Impose a framework that includes abstract concepts o Generate new knowledge by guiding our observations of the world  Theory generates hypotheses, and if studies confirm these hypotheses the theory is supported  When a hypotheses is not
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