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Chapter 7

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Connie Boudens

Chapter 7 Survey ResearchSurvey research employs questionnaires and interviews to ask people to provide information about themselvestheir attitudes and beliefs demographics age gender income marital status and so on and other facts and past or intended future behaviors Why Conduct Surveysare research tools that can ask people about themselvesCommon and important method of changing behaviourWe often think of survey data providing a snapshot of how people think and behave at a given point in timethe survey method is also an important way for researchers to study relationships among variables and ways that attitudes and behaviors change over timeimportant as a complement of experimental research findingsAn assumption that underlies the use of questionnaires and interviews is that people are willing and able to provide truthful and accurate answers Researchers have addressed this issue by studying possible biases in the way people respondA response set is a tendency to respond to all questions from a particular perspective rather than to provide answers that are directly related to the questions Thus response sets can affect the usefulness of data obtained from selfreportsThe most common response set is called social desirability or faking good The social desirability response set leads the individual to answer in the most socially acceptable waythe way that most people are perceived to respond or the way that would refl
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