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Chapter 7

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Conformity Influencing OthersConformityChange in behaviour as result of the real or imagine influence of other peopleKnowing why and when people are influenced by others will help us understand whether a given act of conformity in their own life is wise or foolishPeople probably conformed because they did not wish to be ridiculed or punished for being different from everybody else they chose to act the way the group expected them to so they wouldnt be rejected or disapproved of by group membersInformational social influenceconforming because we believe that others interpretation of an ambiguous situation is more correct than our and will help us choose an appropriate course of action we are conforming but notWhen we subsequently act like everyone else because we are wear individuals with no self relianceInstead the influence of other people leads us to conform because we see them as a course of information to guide our behaviourWhen we are facing an important decision we are even more likely to rely on other people for information and guidancePrivate acceptanceConforming to other peoples behaviour out of a genuine belief that what they are doing or saying is rightPublic ComplianceConforming to other peoples behaviour publicly without necessarily believing in what they are doing or sayingThree situations in which you are most likely to produce conformity because of informational social influence1When the situation is Ambiguous Ex When theres a fire alarm in the building and you dont know what to do you most likely turn to the people around you to see if the situation was an emergencyWhen you are unsure of the correct response the appropriate behaviour or the right idea you will be most open to influence from others In such situation when ambiguity abounds people are especially likely to be influenced by the actions of those around them2When the situation is a Crisiswhen the situation is a crisis we usually dont have time to stop and think about exactly which course of action we should takeWe tend to feel scared and panicky and so it is only natural for us to see how other people are responding and to go about it likewise Example of the alien drama play on the radioMany people didnt know if it was real or not so many became panicky and saw that if other people were panicky then they should be too
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