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Chapter 9

PSYB10 Chapter 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Chapter 9 Interpersonal Attraction -One of the simplest determinants of interpersonal attraction is proximity. -The people who, by change, you see and interact with most often are most likely to become your friends and lovers Propinquity Effect - The finding that the more we see and interact with people, the more likely they are to become our friends - Refer to the apartmentresident example -the propinquity effect works because of familiarity, or also known as: Mere Exposure Effect - The finding that the more exposure we have to a stimulus, the more we like it. - We see certain people a lot, and the more familiar they become, the more friendship blooms. - Of course if you feel negatively toward the person in question, then, not surprisingly, the more exposure you have to him or her, the greater your dislike. -propinquity may soon no longer be a prerequisite for the formation of relationships. This is due to the existence of online communication via messenger or dating website or via phone. Similarity
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