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Chapter 8


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Elizabeth Page- Gould

CHAPTER 8 GROUP PROCESSES INFLUENCE IN SOCIAL GROUPSWhat is a GroupGroup is defined as a collection of two or more people who interact with each other and are interdependent in the sense that their needs and goals cause them to rely on one anotherWhy Do People Join GroupsForming relationships with other people fulfills a number of basic human needsoThere may be an innate need to belong to social groupsGroups also become an important part of our identity helping us define who we areand in defining who we expect to be in the futureGroups also play an important role in motivating people to become involved in social changeThe Composition and Functions of GroupsGroups to which you belong probably vary in size from two or three members to several dozen membersmost social groups range from two to six membersIf groups become too large you cannot interact with all of the memberswhich is a feature of groupsSocial NormsSocial norms are a powerful determinant of our behaviourSocial RolesSocial roles are shared expectations about how particular people are suppose to behaveRoles can be helpful because people know what to expect from each other and the members who follow a set of clearly defined roles tend to be satisfied and perform wellPotential costs to social rolesoPeople can get so into a role that their personal identity and personality are lostEg Stanford university mock prison experimentMost of us would be unable to resist the social influences in these powerful situations and perhaps would perform acts we thought we were incapable of performingoActing inconsistently with the expectation associated with those roles may cause severe consequencesGender RolesVery problematic when they are arbitrary or unfairIn many cultures women are expected to assume the role of wife and mother with only limited opportunities to pursue other careersWomen who are often expected to maintain the traditional role of childrearer and household manageroConflict arise because they have to do it allthe household work and jobResearch showed that the more husbands engage in household chores and errands the better the wives emotional health
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