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Chapter 7

chapter 7

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

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CHAPTER 7 CONFORMITY INFLUENCING OTHERSConformity When and WhyConformitya change in behaviour as a result of the real or imaginedinfluence of othersIndividualistic culture emphasizes being independent thinking for yourself and standing up for yourselfoResult we maintain belief that our behaviour is not influenced by othersInformational Social Influence The Need to Know whats RightOne important things we get from interacting with others is informationoThe social world is ambiguous and illdefinedoFortunately we have a powerful and useful source of knowledge available to usthe behaviour of other peopleThe influence of other people leads us to conform because we see them as a source of information to guide our behaviour in which refer to as informational social influenceoAn experiment where you are seated in a dark room and asked to estimate in cm how far the light moves You estimate a distance when in fact the light is not moving at alldue to autokinetic effectoThen you are put in a dark room with other participants and same procedure was carried outoResult people were using each other as a source of information coming to believe that the group estimate was the correct onein this ambiguous settingPrivate acceptance is conforming to other peoples behaviour out of a genuine belief that what they are doing or saying is right believing that the group estimate was rightPeople are still able to have a private acceptance but publicly conformed in which would be a case of public compliance whereby conforming to other peoples behaviour publicly without necessarily believing what they are doing or sayingAnother variable affects informational social influence how important it is to the individual to be accurate at the taskoThose who believe the task is more important are more likely to conformWhen Will People Conform to Informational Social InfluenceWhen the Situation is AmbiguousWhen you are unsure of the correct response the appropriate behaviour or the right idea you will be more open to influence from othersWhen the Situation is a CrisisIn a scared and panicky situation we see how other people are respondingunfortunately the people we imitate may also feel scared and panicky
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