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Chapter 9

chapter 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

CHAPTER 9 INTERPERSONAL ATTRACTION FIRST IMPRESSIONS TO CLOSE RELATIONSHIPSMajor Antecedents of AttractionA central human motivation is selfexpansionthe desire to overlap or blend with another person so that you have access to that persons knowledge insights and experiencesThe Person Next Door The Propinquity EffectSimplest determinants of interpersonal attraction is proximityPropinquity effect is the finding that the more we see and interact with people the more likely they are to become our friendsAttraction and propinquity rely not only on actual physical distance but also on functional distancecertain aspects of architectural design that make it likely that some people will come into contract with each other more often than otherThe mere exposure effect states that the more exposure we have to a stimulus the more apt we are to like it or dislikeSimilaritySimilarity is the match between our interests background attitudes and values and those of the other personComplementarity is attraction to people who are opposite to usSimilarity in terms of attitudes and values is an important predictor of attraction in both friendships and romantic relationshipswe are also attracted to people who are similar to us in terms of interpersonal stylesimilarity is important in attraction becauseowe tend to think that people who are similar to us will be inclined to like usopeople who are similar provide us with important social validation for our characteristics and beliefsprovide us with feeling that we are rightomore likely to feel understood by those who are similar to usthe greater the similarity partners perceive the more understood they felt by their partnerattraction can lead to perceptions of similaritythe more attracted you are to someone the more similar we assume that person is to usReciprocal Likingreciprocal liking is liking someone who likes us in returnprime determinants of interpersonal attractionliking is so powerful it can even make up for the absence of similarityliking can also come about a selffulfilling prophecy
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