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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Social Perception

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Chapter Four Social PerceptionCultureNonverbal Communication Paul Ekman concluded that display rules are particular to each culturedictate what kind of emotional expression people are supposed to show In collectivist cultures the expression of strong negative emotions is discouraged bc to do so can disrupt group harmony Eye contacteye gaze are particularly powerful nonverbal cues The most important pt of emblems is that they are not universal each culture has devised its own emblems GenderNonverbal Communication Many studies that women are better at both decodingencoding Men are better at detectinglies While women have the ability to decode nonverbal cues of lying they tend to turn off this skill in the face of deception in polite deference to the speaker Member of the society expect menwomen to have certain attributes that are consistent with their role Consequently women are expected to be more nurturing friendly expressivesensitive than men bc of their primary role as caregivers to childrenelderly family membersMenwomen develop different sets of skillsattitudes based on their experiences in their gender roles bc women are less powerful in societiesless likely to occupy roles of higher status it is more important for women to learn to be accommodatingpolite than it is for men the tendency of women to be nonverbally polite in this manner was especially strong in those cultures where women are most oppressed Implicit Personality Theories Filling in the Blanks this efficiency can come at some costin some cases could even be fatalCultureImplicit Personality Theories implicit personality theories are
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