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Chapter 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Chapter #1 Notes: What is Social Psychology?  Hurt from physical/emotional pain = some part of brain activated  People who have experience with other cultures are more creative o Suggest that multi-cultural = more flexible thinkers  Close friends = health benefits Defining Social Psychology:  Study of how individuals think, feel and behave in a social context  Scientific study – social psych applies the scientific method of systematic observation, description and measurement to the study of the human condition  People’s private/unconscious beliefs and most passionate emotions  Difference: sociology compares people by group factors, while social psych focuses on the individual (in a group context) A Social Context:  Emphasis is on social nature of individual  Social psychological pursuits when: o Concern other people o Influenced by other people  Social context does not have to be real/present The Power of Social Context: Experiment:  Erin Strahan: impact of media images on body image/satisfaction o Wanted to change perspective by manipulating cultural norms o ½ watched commercials with attractive models, other half neutral o Short break… asked to rate themselves o Those who viewed “thin” images were less satisfied o Being reminded of cultural norms can decrease feelings of self-worth  Expose children to intervention/coping = less negative after seeing images Social Psychology and Related Fields: a) Social psych and sociology  Social psych – individual; conduct experiments  Sociology – group b) Social Psych and Clinical psych:  Clinical psych – treat people with psychological difficulties/disorders  Social psych – not disorders but how individual feels  Both: how people cope with anxiety/pressure in social situations c) Social Psych and Personality Psych:  Individual and their thoughts, feelings and behaviours; share same division  Personality psych – diff b/w individual that remain relatively stable; cross-situational consistency  Social psych – how social factors affect most individuals regardless of their different personalities; how diff situations cause diff behaviours d) Social psych and Cognitive psych:  Cognitive psych – mental processes such as thinking, learning, remembering and reasoning  Social psych – how people think, learn, remember and reason with respect to social info and how these processes relate to social behaviour Social Psych and Common Sense:  Uses the scientific method  Reveals how an answer is not “simple” but relies on several factors History of Social Psych: th  End of the 19 Century Birth and Infancy of Social Psych (1880’s-1920’s):  Norma Triplett: published 1 research article in social psych (1897-1898) o Bicyclists raced faster when people watched  Max Ringlemann: effects of others in performance of ind (1913)  3 textbooks established social psych written by: William McDougall (1908), Edward Ross (1908) and Flyod Allport (1924)  Flyod Allport – interaction of individual in their social context A Call to Action (1930’s-1950’s):  Adolf Hitler: major/strongest influence of social psych – people wondered more about social b
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