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Chapter 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Chapter 5: Research Methods in the Study of Abnormal Behaviour 1. Case Study 2. Epidemiological research 3. Correlational method 4. Experiment Case Study (generate hypothesis) o Historical and biographical information on a single individual o Providing detailed description o Case study as evidence o Generating hypotheses Case Study: an example John Harlow and executive disorder, 1848 o In place of the diligent, dependable worker stood a foulmouthed and ill-mannered liar given to extravagant schemes that were never followed through. "Gage," said his friends, "was no longer Gage.” Epidemiological Research (study of the frequency & distribution in the population, important = base rates (inform the probability); how common a disorder is) o Prevalence (proportion of a population that has the disorder at a certain/period in time. Ex. 1% of the population has schephrenia) o Incidence (number of NEW cases of the disorder that occurs in a period of time; usually within a year bracket) o Risk factors(variables that we want to know about, if present, increases the likelihood of developing the disorder – ex. Inheritance leads to increase of prevalence) Correlational Method (can’t infer causation, because another variable can influence B; strength of the correlation is by value but not direction) o Measuring correlation o Correlation coefficient o -1.00 to +1.00 (the higher the absolute value of “r”, the larger or stronger the relationship between the two variables) o Statistical significance: the likelihood that the results of an investigation are due to chance o p<=.05 (probability) o Effect sizes: similar statistics, but group size
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