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Chapter 18The Treatment of Mental DisordersMENTAL DISORDERS AND PSYCHOTHERAPYEarly Treatment of Mental DisordersThe earliest known attempts to treat mental disorders involved drilling holes in a persons skull known as trephining the opening was made to permit evil spirits to leave the victims headJohann Wier was among the first to challenge practices intended to combat witchcraftoHe argued that they were suffering from mental illness the church banned his writingsPinel believed that patients would respond well to kind treatment he undid their chains and took them from the dungeons to walk the hospital freely and many were dischargedThe Development of PsychotherapyThe modern treatment of mental disorders began with Mesmer who devised a theory of magnetic fluxes in which he attempted to effect cures by manipulating iron rods and bottles of chemicalsoIn reality he hypnotized his patients alleviating some of their symptomsFreud created the practice of psychoanalysis Most therapists adopt a more general eclectic approachthis involves the therapist using whatever method they feel will work best for a particular client at a particular timeINSIGHT THERAPIESInsight therapy view behaviour as a symptom of deeper underlying psychological problemsoOnce a patient understands the cause of their problem the problemsand the maladaptive behaviourwill ceaseInsight therapies include a variety of treatments that emphasize talk between the therapist and the client as a means of discovering the reasons for the clients problemsPsychoanalysis and Modern Psychodynamic ApproachesFreud is given credit for developing psychoanalysisa form of therapy aimed at providing the client with insight into their unconscious motivations and impulsesBy encouraging the client to talk the analysts tries to bring these unconscious conflicts into viewoIt requires the analyst to interpret them and uncover their true meaning and gradually weave together a complete picture of the unconsciousThe purpose of therapy is to create a setting in which clues about the origins of intrapsychic conflicts are most likely to be revealed by the client through dreams memory manner of speech etc and by then exposing the client to these clues so they will gain insight to the problemOne of the main goals of the psychoanalyst is to interpret the clues about the origins of intrapsychic conflict given by the client
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