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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 96122 more commonly usedDisplay rules culturally determined rules about which nonverbal bhvrs are appropriate to display Eg in Western cultures emotions of grief and crying can be shown by women but men are discouraged to display emotional displays In Japan women shouldnt exhibit wide inhibited smiles and should be covered by their hands ppl also cover up negative emotions to prevent the disruption in group harmony w smiles and laughter and generally display fewer facial expressions in generalEye contact and eye gaze are powerful nonverbal cues and is important in North America and w Arabs Direct eye contact is consider disrespectful in Nigeria Puerto Rico Thailand and Japan Emblems nonverbal gestures that have wellunderstood definitions within a given culture they usually have direct verbal translations such as the okay sign Women are betterboth decoding nonverbal cues and encoding nonverbal info but men are betterdetecting lies Social role theory the theory that sex differences in social bhvr derive f societys division of labour btwn the sexes this division leads to differences in genderrole expectations and sextyped skills both of which are responsible for differences in mens and womens social bhvrGenderrole expectations women are expected to be nurturing friendly expressive and sensitiveDiff skills and abilities Bc women occupy less powerful roles in society they
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