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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 124140 Selfconcept the contents of the self that is our knowledge if who we are knownmeSelfawareness the act of thinking about ourselves knowerI active processor of infosense of identity Other species like chimps orangutans and possibly dolphins have a basic senseconcept Self recognition dvlps2 years of age w humans Self concept clarity is the extent to which knowledge about the self is stable and clearly and consistently defined wo itcognitive and emotional implicationsPpl who are low in selfconcept clarity are more likely to be neurotic and have low selfesteem and are less ware of their internal states and engage in chronic selfanalysis and ruminationan involuntary negative form of selffocus associated w threat or uncertainty Self schema mental structures that ppl use to organize their knowledge about themselves and that influence what they notice think about and rmb about themselves Self reference effect the tendency for ppl to rmb info better if they relate it to themselves Only humans can engage in longterm planning Selfregulatory resource model the idea that ppl have a limited amount of energy to devote to selfcontrol and that spending it on one task limits the amount that can be spent on another task Ppl are bestselfcontrol when theyre well rested and not too stressed out Cultural Differences in Defining the Self Masako Owada gave up her independent life and promising dipl
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