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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 141151Downward social comparison the process where we compare ourselves w ppl who are worse than we are on a particular traitability We also use social comparison to boost our egoscomparing ourselves w someone who is worse off can make us feel better about ourselves but only if we are confident that the other persons fate cannot befall usWe also get a selfesteem boost by comparing our current performance w our own past performanceUpward social comparison the process where we compare ourselves w ppl who are better than we are on a particular traitability You might feel better or worse depending on the self of self that is activatedthe timeWhen ones best self had been activated it was depressing for them to be exposed to a superstarone would tend to not feel good about themselves and their motivate may declineBut if you focused on your usual self reading about the superstar was inspiringWhen our romantic partner is the comparison target we actually feel better after engaging in upward social comparisons focusing on domains in your which your partner outperforms you bc in romantic relsh we experiences high levels of empathy sharing the joy of your partners success rather than being threatened by it and shared fatemeaning that your partners outcomes affects yourPpl f collectivist cultures are more concerned w avoiding failure than w achieving success whereas just the opposite is true in individualist
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