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PSYB10- Ch 3

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Ch 3Social cognition how ppl think about themselves and the social world how ppl select interpret remember and use social info to make judgments and decisions Automatic thinking thinking thats nonconscious unintentional involuntary and effortless engaging in automatic analysis of the envt based on our past experiences and knowledge of the world Helps us understand new situations by relating them to our prior experiencesSchema mental structures ppl use to organize their knowledge about the social world around themes or subjects and that influence the info ppl notice think about and remember also influence the way in which we process info Given a label we tend to fill in the blanks w all kinds of schemaconsistent info Eg Michael the salesperson was described as loud speaking and monopolizes conversations whereas Michael the actor was described as not afraid of the spotlight and the life of the party Stereotypes when schemas are applied to members of a social group such as gender or raceEg Shooter bias is when a group of men with equal proportions of whites and African Americans are carrying either a gun or a nonthreatening object and a police officer needs to detect who were threatening or notCop participants were especially likely to pull the trigger when the person in a picture was Black whether or not he was holding a gun Korsakovs syndrome a neurological disorder where a person has no schemas of the social world where everything is inexplicable confusing and unlike anything else youd ever known Schemas are important when we encounter info that can be interpreted in a number of ways bc they help us reduce ambiguityEg a man who approaches you in a dark alley who tells you to Take out your wallet wants to steal your money not admire your photos Schemas can help your avert danger but also misunderstand Schemas as memory guidesthey tend to influence what we remember EuropeanCdn and NativeCdn children showed memory effects suggesting a commonly held schema that white children were better than Native children Eg The story about Jack and Linda Jack who proposed to Linda was falsely remembered by participants to have wanted to meet Lindas parents and bought her a dozen roses which didnt happen but Jack who raped Linda was also falsely remember to have like to drink and were unpopular w womenPpl fill in the blanks in their memory w schemaconsistent details suggests that schemas become stronger and more resistant to change over time Accessibility the extent to which schemas and concepts arethe forefront of ppls minds and are therefore likely to be used when making judgments about the social world Schemas are accessible for 3 reasons a Schemas are chronically accessible due to past experiencethese schemas are constantly active and ready to use to interpret ambiguous situations a family history of alcoholism increases the likelihood that these traits will come to mind when thinking about the bhvr of the man on the bus
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