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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 153189 March 1997 cult members of the Solar Temple run by leader Luc Jouret convinced members that the world was about to be destroyed by fire and that the only salvation was to take a death voyage by ritualized suicide to the star Sirius where they would be reborn Attitude an evaluation ofperson object or idea1 Affectively based attitude an attitude based primarily on ppls emotions and feelings about the attitude object rather than the objective appraisal of pluses and minuses They dont result f a rational examination of the issues they are not governed by logic and theyre often linked to ppls values so that trying to change them challenges those values2 Cognitively based attitude an attitude based primarily on a persons beliefs bout the properties of an attitude object Classify the pluses and minuses of an objectEg consider a vacuum cleanerhow well does it vacuum dirt and how much does it cost not on how sexy it makes you feel3 Behaviorally based attitude an attitude based primarily on observations of how one behaves toward an attitude object attitude based more on an observation of her ones bhvr than on cognition or affectEg under certain circumstances some dont know how they feel until they see how they behave if you asked a friend how much she enjoys exercising and she replies well I guess I like it bc I always to seem to be going out for a run and swimWhen attitudes are negative toward particular groups they are often cognitively basedsymbolic beliefs beliefs that that such hated groups like homosexuals and Pakistanis threaten their value systemAttitudes toward groups that we like are apt to be based on our feelings toward that groupaffectively based attitudeExplicit attitudes attitudes that we consciously endorse can easily report Whats your stance on abortion Implicit attitudes attitudes that are involuntary uncontrollable and at times unconsciousPpls attitudes are poor predictors of their bhvr think of the Chinese couple being served by Americans during the 30sTheory of planned bhvr a theory that the best predictors of a persons planned deliberate bhvrs are the persons attitudes toward specific bhvrs not their general attitude subjective norms ppls beliefs about how other ppl they care about will view the bhvr in question and perceived bhvral control the ease w which ppl believe they can perform the bhvrPpl w low self esteem who are experiencing negative mood may be especially worried about rejection and therefore are less likely to insist on condom usePersuasive communication communication advocating a particular side of an issue
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