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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 267279 Attraction A human motivation is selfexpansion the desire to overlapblend w another person so you have access to that persons knowledge insights and experienceby incorporating the other into yourself you acquire new resources and deepen your own experiencesPropinquity effect the more we see and interact w ppl the more likely they are to become our friends works on a micro level Proximity and attraction relies on actual physical distance and psychological functional distancecertain aspects of architectural design that make it likely that some ppl will come into contact w each other more often than w others Mere exposure effect the more exposure we have to a stimulus the more we like it familiarity breeds attraction and liking unless we feel negatively towards someone to begin wBc of computers propinquity may soon no longer be a prerequisite for the formation of relshSimilarity attraction to ppl who are like usComplementarity attraction to ppl who are opposite to usResearch debunks the folk wisdom opposites attrac
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