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Elizabeth Page- Gould

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PSYB10 305333 Prosocial Behaviour Prosocial bhvr any act performed w the goal of benefiting another person Altruism the desire to help another out even if it involves a cost to helperKin selection the idea that bhvr that helps a genetic relative is favored by natural selection ppl can increase the changes that their genes will be passed along not only by having their own kids but also by ensuring that their genetic relatives have childrenNorm of reciprocity the expectation that helping others will increase the likelihood that they will help us in the future We have learned the social norms to help others out and altruismAltruistic bhvr can be based on selfinterest in fact social exchange theory argues that much of what we do stems f the desire to maximize our rewards and minimize costsEmpathy the ability to put ourselves into the shoes of another person experiencing events and emotions eg joy and sadness the way another person experiences themEmpathyaltruism hypothesis the idea that when we feel empathy for a person we will att
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