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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 435464Social Readjustment Rating Scale measures how stressful life events are to ppl the higher the scorethe worse their physical and mental health However these studies use correlational studies and so it doesnt meant that life changes caused the health problems rather another possibility is that ppl w certain personality traits such as the tendency to experience negative moods are more likely to experience life difficulties and to have health problems Such inventories also underrepresent members of the poor and minorities It is subjective not objective stress that causes problems Eg getting a divorce could be a liberating escape f an abusive relsh Stress the negative feelings and beliefs that occur whenever ppl feel unable to cope w demands f their envt Stressweakened immune systempoor health Perceived control the belief that we can influence our envt in ways that determine whether we experience positive or negative outcomes Noise and Perceived Control ppl who believed they could control a noxious noise while completing a task did about as well on a subsequent task as ppl who heard no noiseall A little control may go far to shield a person f feelings of helplessness and additional control provides little extra protectionGiving senior citizens a sense of control over their lives has been found to have positive benefits physically and psychologicallyThe link btwn perceived control and distress is stronger in Western cultures than in Asian cultures bc individualism and personal achievement are prized ppl are more likely to feel distr
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