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Chapter 4

chapter 4 textbook notes

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Chapter 4 Social Perception Non verbal cues - How people communicate intentionally or unintentionally, without word nonverbal cues include facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures, body position, movement, use of touch and eye gaze. - Help express their emotions, attitudes and their personality. -People automatically mimic other peoples expressions (ex. Happiness, sad, angry, etc) These effects are especially pronounced when we like the other person or consider him or her to be a member of a group. Tendency to mimic other people may reflect empathy- the capacity to feel what someone elses is feeling. Nonverbal contradiction- Sarcasm Ex I am so happy for you!! Display rules - Are particular to each culture and dictate what kind of expression people are supposed to show. - Ex men cannot grieve or cry, but its acceptable for women to grieve or cry. Emblems - Nonverbal gestures that have well understood definitions within a given culture; they usually have direct verbal translations, such as okay or up yours (middle finger) or peace - However it is not universal within every culture. Social Role Theory - the theory that sex differences in social behaviour derive from societys division of labour between the sexes; this division leads to differences in gender role expectations and sex types skills, both which are responsibility for differences in men and womens social ?? Implicit Personality Theory - A type of schema people use to group various kinds of personality traits together; for example many people believe that if someone is kind, he or she is also generous as well. - People use schemas to form impressions on people. If I think youre nice, you will also be generous in lending me some money because I I think youre nice www.notesolution.com
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