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Chapter 14

Chapter 14- Stress and Health

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Chapter 14: Stress and Health [Lecture 22] Stress and Human Health Effects of Negative Life Events Stress is the degree to which ppl have to change and readjust their lives in response to an external event The more change required, the more stress occurs E.g. graduating from university is a happy occasion, but it can be stressful bc of the major changes it sets in motion in ones life Social Readjustment Rating Scale Perceived Stress and Health Subjective situations have more of an impact on ppl than objective situations Stress: negative feelings and beliefs that occur whenever ppl feel unable to cope w demands from their environment Is the life experiences that we perceive as negative that are bad for our health Stress caused by negative interpretations of events can even affect our immune systems, making us more susceptible to disease Feeling in Charge: The Importance of Perceived Control Research in social psychology suggests that the feeling that we dont have control is detrimental to our psychological and physical health Perceived control: belief that we can influence our environment in ways that determine whether we experience positive or negative outcomes Ppl who had a high sense of control over their futures were less likely to experience subsequent heart problems than those w a low sense of control Increasing Perceived Control in Nursing Homes Ppl are often placed in long term care facilities against their wishes, and have little say in what they do, whom they see, or what they eat Disease, Control, and Well- Being Link bw perceived control and distress is stronger in Western cultures than in Asian cultures Less of a relationship bw perceived control and psychological distress among Asians Danger in exaggeration the relationship bw perceived control and physical health Researchers have found that even when ppl who are seriously ill w cancer or AIDS feel no control over the disease, many of them believe that they can still control the consequences of the disease The more ppl feel they can control the consequences of their illness, the better adjusted they are, even if they know they cant control the eventual course of the disease It is important to feel in control of sth- even if it is not the disease itself 1 www.notesolution.com
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