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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Chapter 5 Self- Knowledge and the Need to Maintain Self-Esteem William James described the basic duality of our perception of self 1. The self is comprised of ones thoughts and beliefs about oneself, or what he called the known or me 2. The self is also the active processor of information, the knower or the I The known aspect in modern times is known as the self-concept Self-concept- the contents of the self; that is, our knowledge about who we are The knower or the I aspect is known as self-awareness Self-awareness- the act of thinking about ourselves Both aspects combine to create a coherent sense of identity Self- the nature of the self-concept and how people come to know themselves through self- awareness Self recognition develops around the age of two for humans Self-Schemas- mental structures that people use to organize their knowledge about themselves and the influence what they notice, think about, and remember about themselves Self schemas act as lenses through which people view others Self- reference effect- the tendency for people to remember information better if they relate it themselves Integrating information with out self schemas helps us organize it better and connect it to other information about ourselves, which makes us more likely to remember it later www.notesolution.com
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