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Chapter 7


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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 CHAPTER 7CONFORMITyINTRODUCTION key qn under what conditionsfor what reasons are u likely to fall under influence of others CONFORMITY WHEN AND WHY1Dchange in behavr as an outcome of realimagined infleunce of other pplex1 Galef et al 2008rats conform to behavr of other rats even if it would be costly to do soex rats given toxic food that made them sick later avoided that foodbut if exposed to other rats seeing it they ate it tooconcl tendency to conform to others behavr is powerful infleucne sst it can attain priroity oer behavrs that promtoe survival Ex avoiding posionous foodconformity is not restricted to humans 2ex2 Hofstede et al 1986 and others NA culture emphasizes imptance of individuality not being a conformerwant to be preveid as ppl who make up their own minds so mainta belief that our behavr notinfluenced by others evne when reality depicts the contrary ex2aVorauer et al 1997 canadian uni subjs asked to rate how satisfied they felt about their intelligenceprior to makeing rating allowed to see ratings of other student confederateqn were subjs infleunced by that students responses yes if other student provided ve selfevaluation then subjs evaled themselves vely to greater extent than when other stuent provided ve selfevaluation of themsubjs unaware that other students responses had influenced themppl likely conform much more than they realize or would want to admit p1952Recall solar temple cult members likely that many ppl would have acted in same way ie conform to meet the cults demands had they been exposed to same presistent conformitypressures ie almsot anyone would have conformed had they been put under that situationif this is true then there should be other scenarios where ppl when under strong soc pressures conform to surprising degrees 3ex murder of reena virk when one student started atking this girl others did too ex tortury of shidane arone when one soldier started beating this boy others did too ex WWII Holocaustwhen see many soldiers torturing Nazis new recruits did too 4QUESTION OF THE SOC PSYGIST WRT CONFORMITY whywhen do ppl conform having known this it helps to understand whether act of conformity that human did waswise foolishex solar temple cult0 members liekely conformed bc did not know what to do in unusual confusing situation behavr of ppl around them was cue as to how to respondso decided to behave in sim manner other ppl likely conformed bc they did not want to be ridiculedpunished for deviating from every1 else INFORMATIONAL SOCIAL INFLUENCE THE NEED TO KNOW WHATS RIGHT1 in many cases unambig accurate info is not readily available to understand soc worldone impt thing obtained from interaction w other pplinfomore particularly behavr of ppl is powerful useful source of knowledge avaialble to u
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