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Chapter 5


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Elizabeth Page- Gould

CHAPTER 5SELFKNOWLEDGE AND THE NEED TO MAINTAIN SELFESTEEMTypes of questions that will be addressed in this chapter how did you become who u are were specific individuals influential in dvping ur sense of self what is the nature of self how do ppl discover the self THE NATURE OF THE SELF1James 18421910 DESCRIPTION OF THE BASIC DUALITY OF ONES PERCEPTION OF SELF1 self is made up of ones thoughtsbeliefs about onself aka the known or the me aspect of self termed D SELF CONCEPTcontents of self ie Knowledge regarding who we are2 self is also active processer of infoaka the knower or the I aspect of self termedD SELFAWARENESSact of thinking about ourselves 1 and 2 combine to establish clear sense of identity of individual self is like a bookFilled w contents over time and is also the reader of the book who can access specific chapter like retrieve past memory and add new one from behavr axns in present CHAPTER FOCUS aspects of the selfNature of selfconceptHow ppl come to know themselves thro selfawareness selfesteemWhether we assesse our self vely orvely 2GALLOPS STUDY SHOWS THAT HUMANS ARE NOT THE ONLY SPECIES WITH SENSE OF SELFGallup et al 1977 placed mirror in animals cage until animal became familiar w it then animal briefly anesthesizedthen painted red dye on its brow or ear rouge test what happened when it awoke again chimpanzeesorangutans immed Started to touch A of head on themselves that contained that red dyeEmery et al her study worked w dolphins and found that they too show signs of recognizing themselves in mirrorsWHAT DO THESE 2 STUDIES INDICATE orangutans dolphns and chimpanzees have some elementary form of selfconcept WHY bc thetyarealize that img in mirror is actually them and not some other animal b recog They look diff from way they looked b4 p125HUMANS AND SELFRECOGNITIONCourage et al 2004
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