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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

CHAPTER 5 Self-Knowledge and the Need to Maintain Self-Esteem The Nature of the Self - self-concept, which is contests of the self, or our knowledge about who we are - self-awareness is the act of thinking about ourselves - two aspects of self combine to create coherent sense of identity - chimps, orangutans, and possibly dolphins have rudimentary self-concept o rouge test - in humans, self-recognition starts at around two years of age - as we mature, we place less emphasis on physical characteristics and more emphasis on our psychological states, traitscharacteristics - people who are low in self-concept clarity are more likely to be neurotic and have low self-esteem and are less likely to be aware of their internal states Functions of the Self Organizational Function of the Self - we have self-schemas, mental structures that helps us to organize our knowledge about ourselves - a self-reference effect is the tendency for people to remember information better if they relate it to themselves - integrating information with our self-schemas helps us organize it better and connect it to other information about ourselves o makes us more likely to remember it later - desire to see ourselves in positive light can influence which of our past actions we are most likely to remember o when people are motivated to see themselves as possessing a desired quality or trait, they conduct selective memory search for examples of past behaviours consistent with that trait Self-Regulation: The Executive Function - regulars peoples behaviour, choices, and plans for future - only species that can engage in long-term planning - self-regulatory resource model states that self-control is a limited resource, like a muscle that gets too tired with frequent use but then rebounds in strength o spending it on one task limits amount that can be spent on another task - people are best at self-control when they are well rested and not too stressed out www.notesolution.com
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