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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Chapter 7 Conformity: Influencing Others Conformity: When and Why - conformity is defined as a change in behavior as a result of real or imagined influence of others - North American culture stresses importance of not conforming o part of being an individualistic culture, one that emphasizes being independent, thinking for yourself, and standing up for yourself - in one study, students were asked to rate how satisfied they felt with their intellectual abilities o were allowed to see same ratings supposedly given by another student - if other student provided a positive self assessment, participants also evaluated themselves positively, more so than if other student had provided negative self- assessment - we probably conform a lot more than we realize or want to admit Informational Social Influence: The Need to Know Whats Right - asking others what they think or watching what they do helps us reach definition of situation - when we subsequently act like everyone else, we are conforming, but not because we are weak, spineless individuals with no self reliance o influence of other people leads us to conform because we see them as source of information to guide our behavior, called informational social influence - classic experiment by Muzafer Sherif o sit in dark room and are asked to focus attention on dot of light o you have to estimate how far the light has moved, and go through several of these trials o light is not actually moving at all, called the autokinetic effect o participants were paired with two other people o over course of several trials, people reached common estimate and each member of group conformed to that estimate o people were using each other as source of information, coming to believe that group estimate was correct one - important feature of informational social influence is that it can lead to private acceptance, whereby people conform to behavior of others because they genuinely believe that these other people are correct www.notesolution.com
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