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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

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Chapter 8 Group Processes: Influence in Social Groups What Is a Group? - a group is defined as a collection of two or more people who interact with each other and are interdependent in sense that their needs and goals cause them to rely on one another - groups are people who have assembled together for a common purpose Why Do People Join Groups? - forming relationships with other people fulfills number of basic human needs o evidence that people who bonded together were better able to hunt and grow food, find mates, and care for children - groups to which we belong play important role in defining who we expect to be in future, as well as playing important role in motivating people to become involved in social change The Composition and Function of Groups - most social groups range in size from two to six members - if groups become too large, you cannot interact with all members - members tend to be alike in age, sex, beliefs, and opinions Social Norms - norms may not be shared by members of other groups to which you belong - powerful determinants of human behaviour, as shown by what happens if people violate them too often o shunned by other group members or pressured to leave group Social Roles - social roles are shared expectations about how particular people are supposed to behave - when members of group follow set of clearly defined roles, they tend to be satisfied and perform well - people can get so into role that their personal identity and personality are lost - the Stanford Prison experiment - people were assigned guard or prisoner roles, and basement of university building was converted into temporary prison - many guards became quite abusive, thinking of creative ways to verbally harass and humiliate prisoners - prisoners became passive, helpless, and withdrawn www.notesolution.com
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