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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Key Terms

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 2 Evolution and Human Nature Natural selection: key to evolution, a process whereby nature gradually selects those characteristics of organisms that promote survival and reproductive success. Certain characteristics may promote survival of organism within the environment Inclusive fitness: An organisms inclusive fitness is its overall ability to maximize the replication of the genes that designed it. Part of that total includes the results of the organisms own reproductive success, but part also include the reproductive success of close relatives, with whom the organism shares genes. Environment of evolutionary adaptedness (EEA): The Pleistocene world within which human beings lived and evolved. Lived as foragers, gathering fruits and vegetables and hutting prey to supply bodies with calories required for life Move from one hunting and gathering region to another Humans lived in groups Cooperation was necessary for survival Theory of mind: a basic understanding that other people have minds filled with desires and beliefs. Without theory of mind people would have difficulty interacting with each other in soc
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