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Chapter 10

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Marc A Fournier

Agency focus on self Formation of separation between the self and other things in the world Striving to become self expansive and self elevatedCommunion focus on others Formation of connections Striving for contact and congregation with others Tone of infancyOur experiences of trust and mistrust is shaped by our attachment in early infancy with the caregiver Hope enduring belief in attainability of fervent wishes Erik Erikson o Our stories of life is determined in early childhood Optimistic comedy and romancePessimistic tragedy and irony Early Childhood images acquiring large amount of imagesLater childhood themes can organize human intentions into coherent stories with beginnings middle and ends Will tell stores of what characters are striving for communion and agencyAdolescence and Ideological Settings teenager seeks internally consistent and logical system of belief what they believe Making a belief system for them Ideology of justice value systems on human rights and freedoms agentic side and care communal side Imago idealized version of oneself Main character in a persons life story Function of the imago Formation of life storySome stories are better then othersGood story must be true and fit with historical record credibleGood story must be internally consistent Sensible in chronology good beginning middle and end coherenceGood story must be differentiated by theme differentiationGood story must have resolution of story conflicts reconciliationGood story must have openness and flexibility and tolerance for ambiguityGood story must contribute to human enterprise integrationMcadams related characteristics of life story to characteristics of the person extraversion positive emotional toneneuroticism negative emotional toneconscientious ness agentic themesagreeableness communal themesopenness narrative complexityRedemption Sequence Tends to be in American Negative state to positive state
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