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Chapter 8

chapter 8 Textbook Notes

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 8 Social-cognitive approaches to personality human beings are complex information-processing systems that operate in social environments The Psychology of Personal Constructs George Kellys Theory (Page 304!! COROLLARY) A person is motivated to predict or anticipate what will happen to him or her Each of us classifies our world by developing personal constructs characteristic ways of how things are alike and diff from one another (more like hypotheses to be tested than like assumed facts) Every construct is bipolar (dichotomy corollary) People best understood in their own construct systems Each person develops their own construct system that contains a number of constructs organized into a hierarchy (organizational corollary) Every persons construct system is unique (individuality corollary) To know another persons construct system is to see the world through their eyes (sociality corollary) Win a persons construct system, particular constructs differ from one another w respect to the range of convenience the extent to which a given personal constructs is likely to guide a persons interpretation of events and the behaviour he or she is likely to show (range corollary) Some constructs are highly permeable and others arent (modulation corollary) o Person with an especially permeable construct system is likely to be seen by others as very-opened minded o Complete permeable isnt good, doesnt function well When a persons constructs are mutually incompatible and contradictory, then they are more likely to have a difficult time making consistent sense of the world and anticipating events in an adaptive way (fragmentation corollary) Kelly views anxiety as the recognition that the events w which one is confronted lie outside the range of convenience of ones construct system www.notesolution.com
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