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University of Toronto Scarborough
Connie Boudens

PSYB30 Chapter 1: Who Am I? Understanding the Building Blocks of Personality  The ocean is a pretty good metaphor for personality. There is more to an ocean than water molecules. There are tides, waves, inversions, salt, seaweed and marine life; it is vast and deep; and it changes regularly.  Personality: what is the person like? Extroverted vs. Introverted? Easy going? Open to new ideas? Responsible? Genetics/ physiology? What’s hidden under surface? Coping strategies with the storms of life?  There are aspects of personality that are universal to all ppl, that are shared by similar ppl and that are completely unique to a single individual.  Desire for actualization (to develop and express individual identity) What is Personality Psychology?  Study of individual differences—identifying ways in which ppl are both similar and different; and explaining how they became that way. o All elements come together to create a whole person in a way that is not reducible to its parts o Individuals personality is more than the sum of his or her parts Building Blocks of Personality – Integration of blocks  build on each other & interact with each other 1. Traits - A person’s typical way of thinking, feeling, and acting, in various situations, at different times. - Characteristics more likely to develop due to certain physiology (born with) - Characteristics due to socialization with parents, peers, teachers, society and from our personal experiences. - Consistent across life and expressed in many ways. 2. Genetics - Evolutionary forces have selected behaviours that improve the survival of the species or individual - Study of how genes and environment affect personality and behaviour 3. Neuroscience - Study of how brain & nervous system affect personality and behaviour through study of bodily responses, brain structure, brain activity and biochemical activity 4. Self &
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