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Chapter 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Connie Boudens

Personality Chapter 3: Personality Traits: Practical Matters What's Missing From the Five Factors? Is Intelligence a Personality Trait?  Usually cog abilities not considered per traits  based on big five's openness (consists of sophistication, artistic, and intellectual interests and intelligence) -> find this factor culture rather than openness to experience  others find intelligence, knowledgable and cultured load as a Conscientiousness factor  when describe friend use words like rational and logical – personality descriptors which are diff from cog ability  proof that ppl perceive and process info diff about social world  IQ is diff than traits Is Religiosity a Personality Trait?  some say religion is secondary trait – for some purpose but not a core aspect of personality  spiritual transcendence: ability for someone to stand outside of their immediate sense of time and place to view life from a larger , more obj perspective - searching for connection rather than spiritual  Spiritual Transcendence Scale has 3 facets - prayer fulfillment, feeling joy and contentedness from connection with the transcendent - universality, seeing humanity as a single interrelated whole - connectedness, feeling belongingness to and social responsibility and gratitude for others across generations and social groups - the scores here are only slightly related to scores on five factor – factor analysis – found six independent factors  spiritual transcendence is a dimension of personality separate from the five factors of per ^ based on above  STS: tells you life outcomes beyond five factors  spiritual transcendence and personality predicted scores on locus of control beliefs for health issues, vulnerability to stress, responsiveness to others, perceived social support, prosocial beh, positive sexual attitude, prochoice and prolife attitudes toward abortion Is Sexuality a Personality Trait?  sexy seven: 7 sexuality factors - sexual attractiveness, relationship exclusivity, gender orientation, sexual restraint, erotophilic disposition, emotional investment and sexual orientation - these overlap 80% with five factors – not separate factors  sexuality is another way we express our traits of neuroticism, extra, openness, agree, and consciousness Indigenous Personality: Unique Personality Tra
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