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Chapter 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Connie Boudens

PERSONALITY Chapter 5 Self and Identity on TST Twenty statements test ppl first listed things in terms of their social groups or categories that they belong like student and girl then later got into more idiosyncratic traits like happy and bored Kuhn and McPartland 1954 found that members of religious minorities were likely to mention religious affiliation as an aspect of self concept and mention it sooner than members of religious majorities or ppl without religious affiliation our self concepts are defined by social worldhow we are similar to others and how we are unique SelfConcept self concept set of ideas and inferences that you hold about yourselftraits social roles schemas and rships through social interactions we develop self concepts and evaluations of ourselves How Does the Self Concept Develop we develop a sense of self out of physical development and cognitive maturation along with social experiences Chimpanzees and Self Recognition Gordon Gallupexperiment with chimpssee how they responded to the mirrorfirst 12 days they acted like the reflection was another chimplater responded with self directed responsesaround 10 daysthey adapted to this reflectionafter the mirror was removed and they put a red paint near eyemirror was returnedthey spent 25 more time touching themselves but those who did not get adapted to the mirror did not pay attention to the marked areas of bodiesself recognition was learned during earlier experience with the mirror this is called the mirror test chimps who are taken from mothers right after birth and raised in isolation without contact with other chimps are unable to recognize themselvesbut if given social experiencestart to show signs of self recognition Who Is that Baby In The Mirror self recognition is one step along the way to self concept development TABLE 51 AgeDeveloping Aspect of SelfAccomplishment 01physical self awarenessrecognizing me vs not me 12self recognitionmirror recognition 23self esteeminternalizing standards for beh 34 skills and abilitiesdemonstrating new talents 512 social comparisoncomparing abilities with othersprivate self concept keep secrets Adolesidentity abstract thought reflected appraisals and obj self awareness Adultdthe selfinternalizing societal expectations birth to 1develop sense of physical awareness
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