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Chapter 4

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Connie Boudens

PersonalityChapter 4personality assessmentthe measure of the individual characteristics of a personmost commonly used are personality testsWhat Makes a Good Personality Testdevelopers of a personality test must demonstrate that the test is valid and reliable and specify the conditions populations and cultures the test applies to must also provide theoretical background and research evidence confirming that the test is related to certain outcomes biggest difference between fake and real personality tests is that legitimate personality tests have reliability validity and generalizability backed by research evidenceTest Reliability Generalizability Across Time Items and Raters reliability is a prerequisite for validity reliabilityan estimate of how consistent a test is A good test gives consistent results over time items or raters we want to know that a test gives consistent results in all of these situations across time across items and across raters a way to check to see if a test has temporal consistency reliability is to have respondents take the test a second time to see if their scores are similardemonstrate by testretest reliability a way to check internal consistency reliability is to see if different items of the test give similar resultsdemonstrate by parallel forms reliability make up two versions of a test that were comparable and check to see that the scores on the parallel forms of the test were similar split half reliability split a test in half and see if testtakers scores on one half correlated with scores on the other halfCronbacks alpha a statistic that estimates the generalizability of the score from one set of items to another make sure an alpha of 70 to 80 and even higher when designing tests that will be used to comparejudge individuals make sure our measures are reliable across multiple ratersto check for interrater reliabilityhave 2 separate judges rate the personality or behavior of a 3rd personif the raters are consistent in their judgements then these correlations ought to be highTest Validity validitythe extent to which a test measures what it is supposed to measure a test has validity if it is grounded in research evidence that is if it correlates with some standard every test must have construct validitymeasure the theoretical concept it was designed to measure a test has face validity when it appears to measure the construct of interestuseful under two conditions1
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