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Chapter 8

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Final Exam Notes Chapter 8  Transference; the unconscious redirection of feelings for one person onto a different person who resembles the original person in some way, especially from a person who was important in childhood onto a person who is important in the present  Sigmud Freud and Psychoanalysis: o Psychic energy; energy in the mind similar to breathing and blood circulation o Believed that body energy and psychic energy can be turned into each other through instinct (impulse) o Eros; life instincts (sex) o Thanatos; death instincts (aggression) o Libido; psychic energy of life instincts o Free association; Freud realized that if people were relaxed they would talk about their private thoughts. The person says whatever comes to mind without consciously trying to control, monitor what they say o Dream analysis; the detailed examination of the content and symbolism of dreams in order to decipher their hidden unconscious meaning.  Manifest content; describing in great detail what was in your dream  Latent content; true meaning of the dream o Parapraxes; mistakes caused by unconscious desires  Freudian slip; a mistake of speech  Symbolic behaviours; actions that seem innocent on the surface but have deeper motives  World association method; used by many psychologist to identify te connections people made between words. o Carl Jung took it to a new level by using the test to identify unconscious complexes (schema; patterns of thoughts, memories, and perceptions organized about a theme)  Implicit Association test; the idea that our reaction times can reveal our hidden thoughts and feelings  Structural model of personality; Id, ego and superego o Primary process thinking (ID); makes decision without logical rules and conscious thought  Operates according to the pleasure principle (what it wants/when it wants it)  Reflex action; when the id seeks fulfilment through physical action immediately  Wish fulfilment; o Reality principle (EGO); constrains the ID with physical and social reality o Super Ego consists of conscience and ego ideal  Conscience; contains knowledge of what we should not do  Ego ideal; contains knowledge of what we should do  Topographic model of personality; consists of the conscious mind and unconscious mind o Conscious mind; contains the thoughts and sensations that we are currently aware of o Preconscious mind; contains thoughts that are just outside our awareness o Unconscious mind; contains urges, wises, desires, thoughts  Motivated unconscious; can produce particular thoughts and feelings related to our impulses  Cognitive unconscious; motivated and goal driven, helps organize our thoughts  Conversion reaction; anxiety coming out as a physical symptom  Defense mechanism; the ego’s way of handing a threatening though or an unacceptable impulse.  Reaction formation; instead of expressing a threatening id impulse, people express the opposite id impulse.  Isolation; occurs when we mentally isolate a threatening thought by keeping it separate from other thoughts and feelings. o Intellectualization; when we isolate the emotion so that we can experience thoughts or memories without the disturbing feelings.  Denial; is when we refuse to believe or even acknowledge a threatening or traumatic event or the emotions associated with the event.  Undoing; person who either has thought about performing or who has already performed an unacceptable behaviour attempts to nullify that action with a later action  Projection; we attribute our o
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