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Connie Boudens

CHAPTER 1Who Am I Understanding Building Blocks of Personality Whatis Personality Psychology Definition scientific study of what makes people who they are Study of individual differences for identifying ways in which people are similar and different how they became that way Building Blocks of Personality Psychologists usually agree that understanding human psychologyunderstanding traits genetics neuroscience selfidentity intrapsychic events regulationmotivation and cognitionAdded to this environmental forces culture society socialization by peersparents and social Traits Def a persons typical way of thinkingfeelingacting in various situations at different timesThese are consistent across lifetime and expressed in many ways Genetics Def study of how genes and environment affect personalitybehaviourEvolution has selected behaviours that improve survival of speciesindividual and their close genetic relatives Neuroscience Def study of how brain and nervous system affect personalitybehaviour through the study of bodily responses brain structure brain activity and biochemical activitySome research in this field suggests that extroversionneuroticismimpulsivity are related to physiological and neurological differences that may be present at birth or develop later Self and Identity Def sense of who we areincluding selfconcept selfesteem social identitySelfconcept sense of who we are
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