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CHAPTER 8 INTRAPSYCHIC FOUNDATIONS OF PERSONALITYFreud defined psychoanalysis as a theory of personality a method for investigating unconscious processes and a technique of treatment a key premise of this field is that we form mental representations of ourselves others and our relationships from early experiencesSIGMUND FREUD AND PSYCHOANALYSISBackground Instincts The Connection Between Mind and BodyFreud believed he had the answer to the mindbody problem instinctsjust as the body used energy to carry out its bodily functions of breathing blood circulation muscular and glandular activity he reasoned there is psychic energy used a source of energy for the mindaccording to law of conservation in physics he reasoned energy win the mindbody system must also be conserved that is neither created nor destroyed He hypothesized that body energy and psychic energy could be turned into each other through an instinct a mental representation of a physical or bodily need his german word for instincts was trieb but the word impulse comes closer to capturing his concept the habitual ways we choose to deal with our impulses by gratifying them inhibiting them turning them into something more acceptable or denying their v existence form our personalitythere are two broad categories of instincts1life instincts known as Eros concerned w survival of the ind and the species and include the needs for food wayer air and sexpsychic energy of this instinct is called libidothe most imp of the life instincts he claimed was sex2death instincts known as Thanatos all livings things decay and diea death and destruction are inborn instincts as well Only one instinct of death was discovered aggressionwhy do we not spend more of our time engaged in sexual or aggressive acts Freud reasonsed that we have been socialized to consciously hide our sexual and aggressive impulses and to express them in socially acceptable ways bc of law of conservation libido cannot be destroyed Instead instincts become expressed unconsciouslyUncovering the Unconscious how does Freud propose we get at this unconscious materialFree Association freud used hypnosis with his patients and soon discovered that they neednt be in an altered state but just v relaxed free association psychoanalysis is often conducted w the patient lying down on a couch w the therapist sitting slightly behind and out of sight of the patient In this way the patient relaxes and says we comes to mind wo consciously trying to control monitor or censor what he or she says One thought to the next may lead the patient to reveal unconscious thoughts Dream Analysisfree assoc was part Useful for patients describing their dreams Freud believed that the interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind He used dream analysis the detailed examination of the content and symbolism of dreams in order to decipher their hidden unconscious meaningour instictual urges reveal themselve s thru the symbolism of dreamsdreams allow wish fulfillment and gratification of our instincts in a safe symbolic formmanifest content on waking ppl are able to describe in great detail what they saw in their dreams
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