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Connie Boudens

Chapter 1Who Am I Understanding the Building Blocks of PersonalityTotal Assessment Guide TAGQuestionTopicFactualConceptualAppliedTypeOverviewMultiple 12 pp 23ChoiceShort AnswerEssayWhat is Multiple 3567114891019Personality ChoicePsychology Short 28313329303234pp 36AnswerEssay46How do Multiple 121316 1724262718212514152023Psychologists ChoiceStudy Short 39424344353741384045PersonalityAnswer pp 717Essay484749Science or Multiple Science Fiction ChoiceA Brief Short Introduction to AnswerCurrent EssayResearch Findings in Personality Psychologypp 1717Copyright2012 by Pearson Education Inc All rights reserved1Chapter 1 Who Am I Understanding the Building Blocks of PersonalityMultiple Choice111 It is suggested in Chapter 1 that one human universal is the desire for ie to develop and express our individual identityaenlightenmentbhumanizationcpersonalitydactualizationDifficulty 1Question ID 111Page Reference 2TopicOverviewSkill FactualAnswer d actualization112 In terms of levels of personality the textbook suggests that genes are on the levela microb macroc metad subconsciousDifficulty 2Question ID 112Page Reference 3TopicOverviewSkillFactualAnswer a micro113 Personality psychology uses the scientific method to study all of the following EXCEPTa identifying ways in which people are similar and differentb explaining how people become the way they are psychologically c predicting how individuals will behave in the future d studying individual differencesDifficulty 1Question ID 113Page Reference 3TopicWhat is Personality PsychologySkillFactualAnswer c Predicting how individuals will behave in the futureCopyright2012 by Pearson Education Inc All rights reserved2
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